My cup runneth away

“Other than being castrated, things have gone quite well” – a trainer commenting on his horse’s preparations for the Belmont Stakes.

And Cup Day went a bit like that. I shortlisted seven horses that I considered had prospects of winning this year’s Cup, and they included 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, yet I still lost money on the race. Fortunately I recouped it on an anonymous juvenile race in Adelaide. The beauty of the punt is that the 10/1 collect on the bush nag which may well be next season’s cat food pays just as well as the 10/1 blueblood son of Danehill.

I suspect I may have difficulty having a bet in Qatar, where I’m heading tomorrow for the Asian Games. Perhaps access to Betfair will be problematic. On the other hand, they are accommodating me on a cruise ship, moored in Doha harbour, and these vessels come fitted with their own casino, I am lead to believe.

The cruise ship will be a unique experience, as if my first trip to the Middle East wasn’t enough. They’ve run out of time to complete the Games village, and those not already assigned a villa have been invited aboard. So it’s a month on a cruise liner that doesn’t go anywhere! Shuffleboard, anyone?

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