The Fringe

My beautiful friend Jessica was to be married at the end of Summer in Wales, and I had an erroneous notion that, being in New York, it would be a mere skip across the Atlantic on a bargain flight (it was instead a long and expensive process; lesson learnt) The wedding was deliriously entertaining, the trip made all the more worthwhile for stopping in Dublin to see two wonderful friends, and Edinburgh, to get my first taste of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I write first because I know I’ll be back. The Festival atmosphere is rampant with energy and joie de vivre. Perhaps it’s all the Aussies there: about 3/4 of the drinks we ordered during our time were served by Australians. I’d like to stay too. Edinburgh presents a landscape of living history; a Royal Mile dating from the 14th and 15th Centuries, not just of ancient church and castle, aye, Robert the Bruce and all that, but of shops, bars, marketplaces. The locals are welcoming, humourous, proud; the architecture is stunning; the entire atmosphere is effusive, happy.  pipers-blog-photo.jpg If they snapped this place off at Hadrian’s Wall and floated it down into the Mediterranean, you’d never get the tourists to leave. Perhaps the cold weather has just that in mind; a local plot to keep the place to themselves for most of the year.  You must go, really you must. If I’m not in Edinburgh next August, I’ll certainly be dreaming of it.

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