Hello, I’m Leaving

On June 18 I’m popping onto a big ol’ jet airliner, off to see some new parts of the world. Well, apparently these parts have been there for quite some time, they’ve just lacked … me. I’m taking in New Zealand, the USA, and the UK.

I’ll be back in September, but the momentum generated is going to stretch into new challenges and opportunities beyond the excursion itself. I’m anticipating a new job, and maybe a new home. Therefore I beseech you, my friends, to share one last Paddington soiree with me.

It’s been a glorious abode; the experiences I have shared here with my lover, my friends, and some great housemates, have helped define my existence. This house has been a rock when said lover took her leave, a communal ground for wonderful friends, whilst the Cast and Christmas parties hosted here count among my favourite experiences. See you on June 12.

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